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Magic Close Up

Chris is the resident mentalist at Wynn Las Vegas where Chris performs for the rich and famous. Chris is an award winning magician at The World famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. During a close up or strolling performance, Chris connects with the crowd, interacting and astonishing each guest with mind blowing illusions, right in front of their eyes. He combines spectacular magic, humor, and charm to create unforgettable memories for everyone he entertains. He will break the ice for the entire party, building an atmosphere of conversation and networking. Chris's Strolling Magic is his most requested performance and is perfect for any event, big or small.


Mind Reading
& Stage Show


Chris combines incredible intuition and a distinct understanding of human behavior, to read minds. During a Mind Reading Performance, audiences will be astonished, shocked, and amazed. Chris will pull information out of the heads of spectators and bend metal in their hands. He will know the name of a favorite pet, the name of a first kiss, and even the location of a favorite vacation. Mind Reading can be added to any of Chris's performances. 

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